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I was asked by my sister for advice on building a web e-commerce solution which set me thinking about if I could sell some “merch”. Here are my notes. …

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Using modals on this site.

I found the modals a fab way of keeping pages tidy and when writing about DnD games they allow me to hide the hints. i found some examples, and created a page with three modals, which now seem to only display the 3rd. I would like to fix that as I think I will/might use the technique to hide the motions in “Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition”. Anyway, here are my notes and links

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I used to like medium, but while it’s pretty, I haven’t concentrated on it for months; every now and then I copy some stuff from the blog to the medium feed, but my huge problem is that I now have to pay for people’s content and they need to pay for mine. Maybe I should!   On the other hand, I want my content to be free. Their paywall inhibits people’s ability to read my stuff; so it’s no longer solely  an amplifier. Although I concluded after research that I should subscribe, and maybe more.  Subscribing and reading is good citizenship and I can then chip in to others fees. For more, see below/overleaf …

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Firefox and spellcheckers

Dictionaries and language packs are not the same thing. To install a spell checker in Firefox, you need to install a dictionary, maybe both. I of course need this because I want UK spelling. Also spell checking needs to be turned on in the settings menu.  Unusually there’s no more to read on this post.

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My bluetooth mouse

This is simple, but done so rarely that I forget. Use the tablet to enter pairing mode, [maybe] press the button underneath the mouse, the tablet will ‘find’ the mouse, press the button underneath the mouse for good measure to confirm the pair, and that’s it.

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