About this Wiki

This is a test wiki, it has a simple and clean theme, and its content is mainly about using wordpress.

I am happy for anyone to use this stuff, to the extent it’s mine, and I discuss my copyright policy on the Copyleft page.

The rest of this page deals with the site’s history. Cookies and Plugins are now dealt with on the Privacy page.


9 thoughts on “About this Wiki

  1. Dave says:

    The code posting plugin has changed, the code snip names must be globally unique it would seem, mine are uniqe within post. 🙁 I need to fix this.

  2. Dave says:

    When I moved to Nulis, I made the following comment.
    I tested the theme with current browsers, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. I know that the theme is not compatible with IE 8, which makes it unusable in some workplaces. (Some of the content is relevant to some people’s work.)
    I have moved it to the comments today.

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