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This is a personal wiki, I post my notes and findings about Technology, I.T., travel, computer games, gadgets and there a few articles about just living one’s life. There are a large number of navigation features available at the ± button, via the sitemap , feeds pages and most importantly the index page, and on the Tag Cloud page.
I am happy for anyone to use this stuff, to the extent it’s mine, and I discuss my copyright policy on the Copyleft page.
The rest of this page deals with the site’s history. Cookies and Plugins are now dealt with on the Privacy page.



This is the home of my 2nd personal wiki.
[tm-timeline layout=”2″ visible-items=”1″ date-format=”0″ tag=”history” anchors=”false” order=”ASC”]
This first was held in a snipsnap wiki, hosted on a Cobalt Qube and then Amazon. I started to copy it to here, a wordpress wiki hosted at 1and1;  I started the transition on in June 2013. Some of the dates set in the new wiki, for articles and comments are not particularly accurate. Not everything was brought over, although currency was not the major test.  Some pages were merged; particularly those that are likely to be irrelevant such as stuff about my old mobile phones. It also shocks me that this little wiki is longer lived than some of my source material. In particular much of the Bioware Community Forums material and now the Neverwinter Nights’ Vault have disappeared.

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Dave
    Putting Print Filters on would be good too
  2. Dave
    The comment line spacing could do with enlarging also. :smile:
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  6. Dave
    The code posting plugin has changed, the code snip names must be globally unique it would seem, mine are uniqe within post. :( I need to fix this.
  7. Dave
    When I moved to Nulis, I made the following comment. I tested the theme with current browsers, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. I know that the theme is not compatible with IE 8, which makes it unusable in some workplaces. (Some of the content is relevant to some people's work.) I have moved it to the comments today.
  8. Dave
    I inserted the timeline widget today, as tested in the Site History article. The addthis widgets behave themselves here. It's a clue.
  9. Dave
    The hyperlinks in the posts are not orange nor underlined. I wrote about this at wordpress.org but have not been able to fix it.

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