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About SIOC

I have thought long and hard about data modelling the person and wondered if SIOC would help. It seems designed for the modelling of blogs and so I am not sure, but here are my notes and links.

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Snipsnap, RSS & XML feeds

This page was originally entitled “Snipsnap Blog & XML Feeds”. It documented one of the crucial failings in snipsnap, its limited rss feed size of 10 and the blog article naming which means that it considered nearly all the articles to be titled “1”. In 2009, I experimented with using Google reader as a feed aggregator, good choice eh? The final part of this article documented my experiments and gave hints on how to follow me using the google reader feed. This is now no longer available, but neither is snipsnap.

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Snipsnap was a blog/wiki written in Java. I used it from 2006 until 2013. This page acted as a source code archive with one utility and my Linux management tools. Most of what one might need is now available on github; it remains as host for HTMLMacro.jar.

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