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This is a two modal test with event listeners and represent the output of Test 5: event listener with arguments, on both buttons; the “close object” needs to be uniquely named .

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I was asked by my sister for advice on building a web e-commerce solution which set me thinking about if I could sell some “merch”. Here are my notes. …

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WordPress Tags, maintenance

I have some notes on the wordpress schema; I am trying to tidy up my tag list on my blog, there’s a shed load of tags which only have one entry in the database, there are some spelling mistakes and some inconsistency in the use of spaces and plurals. But I might leave those with only one use on the blog/wiki for the search engines. There are 56 which have become orphans.  I have documented the image credit at the bottom of the article. Here are my notes … 

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Email Verify

Another GDPR requirement is that when signing up for something, the publisher needs to verify that the email given is genuine and belongs to the user. WordPress offers several plugins; there are other ways, here are my notes …

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