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I had a quick look at Nextscripts: Social Network Auto Poster. It claims to be able to forward posts to other social networks. These include as targets, twitter, linkedin and facebook. The also offer Google+ but that needs an additional library which may be chargeable. I need to work on this a bit more.
Since the blog is already forwarding to Facebook and now Medium via IFFTTT, which are the most important targets and I am unsure I want everything to go through to linkedin or even twitter, this may not be as useful as I hoped. I returned to this in Aug 2016 as I was interested in occasionally forwarding my micro blog to Medium.


How to make to work with G+? can it work with the Labour Party Blog? Can it work with Kifi or Can it be made to work on the basis of an individual post? i.e. can we turn the scheduler off?  Is “Add This” better if single posts required? Does the Linkedin poster write to status or pulse? Where are the login credentials held?
Here is Nextscripts Google+ API library page. It’s distributed with their premium PRO offering.


I needed some help with their documentation, which they kindly provided here on The plugin needs to be installed, Medium needs to be configured to accept the post from wordpress, the plugin contains the documentation on how to do this.
The callback URL is formed as follows

Other stuff

The Next Scripts’ SNAP web page…. Other resources are available on the site.

Nextscripts: Social Network Autoposter

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