Adding an Event to a Calendar

I wanted to add a widget to a wordpress web article that allowed readers to add the event to their calendars. I found the site called, “AddEvent“. Fabulous. Proving that doing one thing well is all a web service has to do.
This page records how I implemented this, and has an example event and widget.
The implementation comes in two parts, the reference to a script, which I would normally put in the HEAD section and the definition of the event which is HTML and needs to be located where you need the button/widget i.e. within the Post/Page content. I have placed the event definition into a code snip aka a custom field.
When implementing this in wordpress, the javascript reference needs to be located as near but before the </BODY> tag. In my case I needed to edit the footer.php file, which meant copying the footer.php file to the child theme in the case of this wiki and creating a child theme for which uses the minnow theme.
N.B. This widget implementation does not offer a Facebook event since it needs a source and I have not set one up.

Adding an Event to a Calendar

2 thoughts on “Adding an Event to a Calendar

  1. Dave says:

    I originally had a bug caused by locating the script in the HEAD section. The button did not have its icon and no action was taken when the button was pressed in some browsers.
    I moved the script reference to the footer.php file today and it seems to be working well now. I have not yet tested this with Safari. I have amended the article to emphasis the need, when using wordpress to locate the SCRIPT tags at the end of the HTML file.

  2. Dave says:

    I returned to this today. I opened a hobby account, the script name is still valid, I needed to change the client id, to reflect the new account. Because it’s a hobby account, it needs the single permitted domain name to be set manually. And that’s it!

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