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I have thought long and hard about data modelling the person and wondered if SIOC would help. It seems designed for the modelling of blogs and so I am not sure, but here are my notes and links.


  1. What is SIOC? at webopedia
  2. What is SIOC? at free dictionary
  3. Semantically Interlinked Online Communities, at wikipedia
  4. SIOC: Content Exchange and Semantic Interoperability Between Social Networks, at w3.org
  5. The SIOC Project

The Wikipedia link seems a good place to start.
This came up during a 2020 search, https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Connections-between-SIOC-FOAF-and-SKOS_fig2_237374974 which comes from a paper, describing the technology behind expertfinder, project.
connections in xml
See Also

  1. SPARQL on WordPress, on this wiki
  2. The SKOS project home page
  3. The Dublin Core home page
About SIOC

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