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Using modals on this site.

I found the modals a fab way of keeping pages tidy and when writing about DnD games they allow me to hide the hints. i found some examples, and created a page with three modals, which now seem to only display the 3rd. I would like to fix that as I think I will/might use the technique to hide the motions in “Energy, Climate Change and Just Transition”. Anyway, here are my notes and links

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Auction & Markets, the software

I came back to open source auction software again, it’s really important and seems to have been enclosed, particularly around SaaS services or by the Investment Banks and Financial Exchanges. Not aimed at the largest scale, but here are some notes …

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Feedburner, a little hiccup

I use Feedburner to manage my “subcribe by mail” service. I have been upset/surprised to find that some of the verification mails and even the subscription requests fail. I have some time on my hands so, here are my notes. 

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Browser Scripting

I discovered that my notes on capturing the ello feed were out of date and have corrected the page in that the stuff about ello is now useless. This page holds the general notes I made about web scripting. They may be equally out of date but I am not yet ready to delete them. My [old] notes are below/overleaf.

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