Motion to the NEC: delegate accountability

Accountability – suggested motion for CLPs to send to General Secretary, 28 March 2019

This CLP notes:

  1. The Labour Party has several systems to elect internal positions including: OMOV and via delegates at Conference.
  2. CLPs often make nominations, which should then be a guide to the CLPs delegates to Conference.

However, there needs to be a clearer mechanism for allowing a CLP to check how its delegates voted on their behalf. This should be the CLP’s democratic right.

Our CLP therefore calls on the NEC to ensure:

  1. Results of internal elections for National Committees are published on Membersnet, broken down by CLP.
Motion to the NEC: delegate accountability

Labour Party women’s conference 2019

Labour Party Annual Women’s Conference will be taking place 23-24 February 2019 at Telford International Centre.

The deadline for registering delegates, submitting motions and nominating candidates for the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee is 14 January.

For suggested motions for submission, click here.

The Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, including the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Momentum, is supporting the candidates listed on this leaflet:

Click here for leaflet calling for nominations

All three are supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and stand for a democratic, inclusive, policy-making women’s conference, building on the tireless activity of Jean and Teresa as incumbents who have been working hard to represent grassroots women and promote diversity, accessibility and engagement since they were elected as CLP representatives in 2017.

Labour Party women’s conference 2019

CLPD Executive statement on equal & fair treatment

CLPD Executive statement, adopted unanimously at May 2018 EC meeting, with some 35 EC members in attendance

All party rules, codes of conduct, enforcement and disciplinary bodies acting against individuals and local parties must be accountable, and consistent with legal due process: natural justice, proportionality, presumption of innocence, fact-based verified evidence, transparency, reasonable time-scales and right of appeal, modelled on common law, Human Rights Law, and proposals of the Chakrabarti report. All individuals, whatever their standing in the party, must receive equal treatment. We call for guidelines and standards along these lines to be adopted by our Party.

CLPD Executive statement on equal & fair treatment

“Left parties have lost office in Europe because of their inability to articulate an alternative to austerity and cuts. The right offers individualism, a huge and growing wealth gap and a mean and divided society. Socialism is the sharing of wealth, the contribution of ability for the common good, and unity in defending our achievements against attack. It’s also our only hope” – Jeremy Corbyn, 6 January 2012