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NWN2 and W10 (2020)

I have a new windows laptop and need to bring my NWN2 game forward from the old machine; both are windows 10, although the new one is 64 bit. I wanted to economise the build’s storage space this time and had to overcome what looks like a 32/64 bit pragma problem; here is what I did.

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NWN2 important buttons

I have written about hacking NWN2 in a couple of places on this wiki. This note gathers them together and documents quick save and print screen, and now the following controls. Enjoy!

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A persistent world

Can I make and use an NWN virtual world a.k.a. persitant world as a conference feature on one of the cloud providers? It’d be fun. I probably should check client licencing to see if it’s worth it because the client software isn’t small; maybe I could RDP onto it. Anywhere, here are my notes. 

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Hero Wars

Originally attracted by the dungeon puzzles, I became hooked. A fantasy setting … complex character management mechanics. Here are my links & notes …

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Class Wargames & the ECW

I have been/am still reading Richard Barbrook’s book, “Class Wargames”. Among its many fascinating themes is his study of the collapse of democratic military forces into dictatorship.He name checks Napoleon, Toussaint Louverture & the Russian Revolution. I wonder why he didn’t start earlier with the English Civil War, it would seem to me to be another failure of a democratic military. To him, Guy Debord’s “Game of War” is critically important, partly because of the way it abstracts large elements of military conflict, but they adopted different rules, using miniatures for both the Haitian and Russian Civil War scenarios. How easy would it be to find or adapt some ECW rules? Here are my notes …

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D&D Miniatures

Having cleared out nearly all my miniature models from Dungeons and Dragons & Warhammer, I was wondering about replacing some of them. Where to buy them and how to get them painted. Here are my notes. 

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