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There are still people who only use feature phones or even simpler. How can one use a key board to send messages via SMS. Here are my notes, Twitter, ICQ and SMS gateways at the moment. I marked this as deprecated today.
The CMS states that this article was created in March 2017, but the content seems much older. I was looking at how to improve this wiki’s documentation of Skype, came across this note and think it’s way past its best; certainly there is the third party mysms and microsoft now offer software to link your phone which meets this requirement, called imaginatively “my phone“. 

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Exporting ello.co

This it seems is no longer relevant. I have marked it deprecated. The ello URL syntax described i.e.  http://ello.co/username.json no longer works. They weren’t very helpful to the project when I first looked at it. This post morphed into a generic web login via scripts page. I will consider splitting it and making the ello stuff private (or even deleting it.) 

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Mac Appstore won't upgrade

I hit the problem with my Mac Book Mavericks build that the App Store wouldn’t run an Xcode Upgrade. It offers me the terms and conditions but there’s no continue button. A, now disappeared thread on the Mac support forums offers a very complex diagnostic process or proposes that you download a free application to ‘blow it through’. Having done this, ask for the Xcode upgrade using the App Store. It seems that it sets an environment variable or writes a cookie so that it knows you’ve signed in and agreed the new ToS and doesn’t offer the revised terms and conditions when you press the update button. Worked for me.

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Automating posts to Google+

I once wanted to post my blog stream to google+, but it seems overly difficult to do. Even harder now that Google have shit-canned it. This is now marked as deprecated, but overleaf/below are my notes when this seemed a good idea,

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