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Child Themes

Here are my notes on WordPress Child Themes. I made one for zbench and am now working with Nulis. The key wordpress codex page is here…. It documents how to create a child theme. The technique for defining inheritance has changed

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zbench, footer.php

When written the zbench theme’s footer text was

Copyright © 2013 wiki.davelevy.info | Powered by zBench and WordPress

This isn’t what I want.
There follows an extract from footer.php in the zbench theme.  The rest of the article discusses how to change it.

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I have decided to use Zbench as my theme for the my revised blog, for which I have a wiki article, called  davelevy.info v4
See also WordPress themes at davelevy.info, which deals with the header.php, front pages, read more and category and tag lists.
The two initial problems I have are using the heading tags, and their code style.
I also would like to have the pages having individual comment closure dates, so that I can create an always open guest book, which i believe is possible on this wiki.
I need to check out Child Themes. This will make preserving customisations much easier.

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