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wannacry and W8.1RT

After the Shadow Brokers released the NSA treasure trove, it became necessary to determine which personal windows systems required remediation. All my windows systems have been upgraded to W10 and so would seem to be clean, except the Nokia tablet, running W8.1 RT. Intelligence says it should have been patched by Windows Update, and so I wrote an article about if I needed to augment Windows Update or not. Later research suggests that the payload could not run on ARM CPUs.

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Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft are encouraging the use of online accounts with windows. NOt everyone wants this. I was asked by someone without an account, who uses so-called local accounts how to get into their mail when challanged for a password.

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Multiple Audio channels on Windows 8

For various reasons at work, I am mucking around with multiple audio channels, from mic to disk, from mic to app, etc.. Windows 8, doesn’t seem to have an easy way to switch, or at least the sound control panel applet is hidden away behind several buttons…. no it’s not, searching for sound will find it. I was going to look for a switcher , here’s what google finds! What we really want is plug and play, but how does it know which one is the one I really need.

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Launching unindexed programs in W8.1

With windows 8.1, my usual desktop metaphor for calling programs and the optimal alternative are less easy to implement; this is especially true for programs that are only occasionally used. I have historically created a folder called “More” and placed favourite’s to the program into the folder. (This is in order to keep my desktop and wallpaper clean.) This doesn’t work so well on smaller screens when you want the whole screen to display the working program.

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W8 Virtual Memory

There seems to be a common fault with W8.x, it generates memory warnings well before any reasonable memory usage.

“Close Programs to Prevent Information Loss”

The error message has a bunch of google references.
I have put up a thread at The first suggestion was to check that paging is on and that the file is big enough. I used google to find out how, and it would seem that it is on. I have changed the settings to manual between 12 & 18 Gb.

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