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Losing sight of my remote disks

I discovered that my two remote disks cannot be seen on my W10 laptop, nor my elementary OS laptop. I fixed this by rebooting the disks which are connected to the network via an RJ45/USB connector to a BT Home Hub. This should work better than that. Here are my notes. …

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Using my Mac remotely

I needed to go looking for something I lost on my Mac using my w10 laptop, and have forgotten how I did it before. I wanted to get RDP working and failed. Here are my notes on what I tried to do and eventually did; it involved using 3rd party apps.

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I was thinking about DaaS and how to use RDP to access a modern desktop from my Tablet and my thoughts moved to Azure although I have not given up on AWS. In fact, I will be faster with AWS and actually have an account. Here’s the links and reading …

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