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Ukraine and its role as a flashpoint

Over the last month, Russia and NATO have been rattling their sabres over the future of the Ukraine. The bellicosity of the language is very worrying and working out a position from first principles of peace, democracy, human rights and justice seems quite hard; I have made some notes and found some links to help me work it out.

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Rewilding Britain

i wrote a blog article, which was a news piece on the reintroduction of bison to the UK, in Kent of all places. Last week, India Bourke wrote an article in the New Statesman, called “Why rewilding isn’t just for toffs“. She argues, that, “Small-scale farmers can play their part in conservation – Monty Don risks putting them off.” The article talks about set-aside subsidy and Monty Don’s criticism of such programmes. This piqued my interest; here are my notes.

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