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My bluetooth mouse

This is simple, but done so rarely that I forget. Use the tablet to enter pairing mode, [maybe] press the button underneath the mouse, the tablet will ‘find’ the mouse, press the button underneath the mouse for good measure to confirm the pair, and that’s it.

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Logitech K380

I bought a Logitech K380 for use with my phones and new tablet. It’s manual is here, and it connects to the tablet with a US keyboard configuration. This can be reconfigured using the Android setup bluetooth screens. …
To pair/connect, press one of the yellow buttons until the white light flickers, make the client issue a bluetooth scan, select the K380 and you will be issued with a 6 digit challenge, when typed into the keyboard the pairing is made.
To connect tap the paired channel button, the light pulses; if paired this is what you need.

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Bluetooth in the Home

I couldn’t be bothered to go and find my usb cable for the phone and tried to use Bluetooth to connect the phone to the W8 laptop.
The phone needs a transfer agent to send pictures to the laptop. This one seems well mentioned,  Google Play is mucking around, and wanted some more personal information, so I went and found the cable.

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