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A persistent world

Can I make and use an NWN virtual world a.k.a. persitant world as a conference feature on one of the cloud providers? It’d be fun. I probably should check client licencing to see if it’s worth it because the client software isn’t small; maybe I could RDP onto it. Anywhere, here are my notes. 

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WordPress in the Cloud

WordPress is famously available at wordpress.com as Software-as-a-Service. What should one do if one comes to the conclusion that this isn’t what you need? The two obvious solutions are one of the cloud providers and I should say I personally use one&one for various reasons.

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I was thinking about DaaS and how to use RDP to access a modern desktop from my Tablet and my thoughts moved to Azure although I have not given up on AWS. In fact, I will be faster with AWS and actually have an account. Here’s the links and reading …

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