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D&D Miniatures

Having cleared out nearly all my miniature models from Dungeons and Dragons & Warhammer, I was wondering about replacing some of them. Where to buy them and how to get them painted. Here are my notes. 

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More on classes in D+D

For some reason I looked at the video below/overleaf on Youtube, it’s about D&D character classes and multi-classing and this is my response. Not sure how useful it is as most of the words relate to rules no longer used. I conclude with the words, “in summary, if playing in a balanced party, given the current (v5e) broad choice of initial classes, their enhancement via prestige classes, the nature of the XP scale (it’s no longer exponential), power games should stick to pure classes, and real power players will play human wizards.”

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Here are my notes on Elanee, one of the protagonist’s companions in NWN2. This is what the NWN2 wiki has to say. It contains advice on the build, highlighting certain spells and critically feats; as ever it includes a story summary and details, sadly deleted content.

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This is a mirror of the Epic Guild page, which it seems has now disappeared. I have added a link to my fan video of a shifter/werebear below/overleaf which was originally posted in my article, Rendering New Age Video, on this wiki.
The URL was http://home.comcast.net/~worldofgreyhawk/builds/data/build275446.html, I suspect that this is the best mirror that survives.
Slashing, Terrifying and Fearlessly Raging into Battle PvM (1-40) and PvP

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AD+D Saving Throws

The NWN Online book says,

Saving throws are a measure of a character or creature’s resistance to special types of attacks-poisons, magic, and effects like a dragon’s breath weapon. If a saving throw is made, this may reduce the damage or prevent the effects of the spell or attack entirely.

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