CLPD campaigns for:

  • a real policy-making Annual Conference
  • an effective and accountable NEC
  • the defence of the Trade Union link
  • more progressive Labour candidates for elected office who are women or BAME; and, generally, for an increase in candidates with a working-class background, to counteract the current unacceptable under-representation
  • a local electoral college for choosing leaders of council Labour Groups
  • an internal Party ombudsperson
  • a clear jobs and growth policy in sharp opposition to the Tories and austerity

CLPD supports the Charter for a Democratic Conference

  1. At least 50% of conference time should be reserved for contributions in policy debates by delegates
  2. The criteria for motions should be flexible and fair
  3. Conference should choose the right policies, not rubber stamp them
  4. Conference decisions and all papers should be available online to party members
  5. The structure of conference needs a review by the Conference Arrangements Committee