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Back to Ubuntu

I have left Elementary and returned to Ubuntu, which is on v20 now. I am tired of having Linux stuff just not work. Elementary’s distro upgrade path is a menace, there’s no RDP, cloud disks are a pain in the butt, and now I found problems with bluetooth. Here are my notes on starting up on Ubuntu again.  …
I have forgotten what it doesn’t  come with. I can’t find my install stuff script, and have installed using apt, samba, bluetooth, git, & net-tools. I need to fix my whatsmyip.
I should read this, Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 20.04

Firefox Video

ffmpeg is needed to make amazon video player work with firefox.


I had problems with samba, as it seems I still need smb version 1. The smb.conf file requires the following line,

client min protocol = NT1

am getting browser problems
failed to retrieve share list from server connection timed out
This it seems to need the following line in smb,conf

name resolve order = bcast host

Bluetooth Speakers

These, Lenure A15 by Meguo, have now worked but I need to check the documentation which is quite clear, it will only pair/connect to one device at a time. I still need to check on this, it worked once, but I am now using the audio cable.


install xrdp, then hack the file with the following code, just before the invocation of Xsession program

. $HOME/.profile

3rd Party Tools

Visual Code & Skype, I installed using the software centre

Look & Feel

How to make it look and feel like a Mac

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