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Instant Ink

I have finally succumbed. I have subscribed to HP Instant Ink. What’s not to love? Ink arrives, you run out, you replace the cartridge, rinse and repeat. The good news, it doesn’t start until you insert an instant ink cartridge, the bad news, they won’t report on your usage until after you subscribe and the fee is usage based. The ultra low usage is also very small so I didn’t use it. Let’s hope I have got it right.
With the cheaper plans, there’s not a lot of “over run” that is not priced penally. I’ll need to keep an eye on things. i.e. only 10 pages/month and unde runs need to be “spent” in three months. Annoyingly I can’t calculate the current cost per page, but this should be cheaper and, I don’t have to worry about running out.

Oi, HP, why don’t you turn the activity monitoring on so people can work out if instant ink is cheaper.

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