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Making Brexit work

Further reading on making Brexit work. On vaccine availability, politics,  immigration and the future of the EU conference, and Trade. Enjoy!
This was made in March 2021, towards the end of the year I came across the fact that the House of Commons Library tags its publications; it has a Brexit tag.

People’s vaccine

  4. How the Oxford Covid 19 Vaccine became the AstraZeneca Covid 19 Vaccine from Medicines and Law
  5. Action for a People’s Vaccine, a campaign to make the vaccines available to everyone
  6. A twitter thread by Claudio Francavilla on a global campaign to suspend TRIPS
  7. The FT (£) on British popular support for ending vaccine monopolies
  10. &

Broad Politics

  2., a demand on the campaigning Mayors

Immigration and the hostile environment

  2. City of Sanctuary Network, and their about us page + charter.

The Future EU conference

  2. An article in the FT (£), explaining how a number of member states are subverting the original aims of Macron of the conference to review governance and engage with peoples.


On trade we have this, which is about intervening in the local elections

  2. Beyond Brexit by Yorkshire bylines, they say, “Before they disband, the Lords committee, and its four subcommittees, have produced a final five reports, all under the heading ‘Beyond Brexit’. The reports each cover a different aspect of Brexit, and highlight areas of concern, …”; the institutional framework, food energy & health, trade in services, trade in goods and security.

This video, talks about SME trade between the EU and the UK, TLDR, it’s too hard and dying although some are relocating in the EU and buying in bulk, so there is an increase in distribution costs and jobs as they need warehouses.

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  1. Dave
    Today, I added the HoC Library Brexit tag page.

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