Starmer vs Johnson, Winter 2020/1

I wrote a piece on my blog, about Boris and Starmer’s polling numbers. I observe that the score seems to be different depending if one’s seeking to determine approval or suitability for the top job. I made a charts¬† from yougov data but didn’t use it in my part II, and so I present them here. Johnson is thought of less well than Starmer but seems to be closing the gap.
I also state on this blog from last week, “Opros, who I have not heard of, ¬†has Boris ahead and also discusses the different questions asked to get the data. ”

Who [would be|is] ‘s the best Prime minster? Johnson minus Starmer.

NB Johnson is thought to be worse, these numbers are all -ive.

Yugov raw data on Best Prime Minister. Winter 2020/1


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