Labour's trade union affiliates

A note on the LP trade union affiliates, a table and chart, …
Here’s a table,

Union Members %
Unite       1,400.00 34.0%
Unison       1,300.00 31.6%
GMB           620.00 15.1%
Usdaw           450.00 10.9%
CWU           191.00 4.6%
FBU             44.00 1.1%
MU             30.00 0.7%
Community             27.75 0.7%
Aslef             20.00 0.5%
TSSA             17.86 0.4%
BFAWU             17.00 0.4%
NUM               0.24 0.0%

This is in thousands, most are from google but the BFAWU & NUM are from the 2019 Certification Officer returns.
For reference, the NEU is 450k, PCS 200k and the RMT, 83K.

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