Samsung S10 Tablet

Finally decided to move on from my beloved but now shit Nokia 2520. I have bought a 2nd hand Samsung T10.5. The user manual is on the web, here. At the moment, I have no notes.
Samsung have a UK based support portal.
I have a problem, which I describe and link to certain pages which might help in today’s comment. ( 23 Apr 2021).

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  1. Dave
    I have a problem, this sort of describes it, except, I doubt it was upgrading, although it might be running marshmallow. It looks like you can't force a shut down. This thread, on digital spy, describes the problem, "Samsung Tab S 10.5 stuck in a boot-loop" but I do not understand the fix, "you can try a Custom ROM". This thread talks about rectifying circumstances where the tab fails to charge.
    • Dave
      I had to send this away to get it fixed. It was quick and came back better than new, or at least better than when I sent it away.
  2. Dave
    I downloaded my wallpapers using a USB cable.
  3. Dave
    Now I need to find the IMEI number, this is no good as it requires the phone app. The serial number is in the settings. Does a simless tab have an imei number? No! The IMEI number comes with the SIM.
  4. Dave
    i have bought a new keyboard, a Logitech K380 and reconnected the mouse, it has a buetooth connect button on the underside. The keyboard defaults to a US keyboard layout.
  5. Logitech K380 |
    […] bought a Logitech K380 for use with my phones and new tablet. It’s manual is here, and it connects to the tablet with a US keyboard configuration. This […]
  6. Dave
    It was working yesterday and is now the same loop as described in 1st comment. I tried to boot it while plugged into power. Wonder if this is the problem?

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