Why Labour lost,

and what is to be done

Nearly a year later, the debate amongst Corbyn’s coalition truly starts, here are some links which I need to read in detail. It’s about time, …

  1. I was at the heart of Corbynism. Here’s why we lost, by Andrew Fisher
  2. Labour left must work with Starmer or risk ‘return to tomb’, says Corbyn adviser , the Guardian paraphrasing Andrew Fisher’s article, with some quotes from Karie Murphy.
  3. Fishing for excuses: why Corbynism really failed., by Paul Richards, actually a bit abusive and dismissive of the findings in the leaked document but some wisdom here.
  4. John McDonnell, in Labour List, advising Labour left not to be seen as “shouting from the sidelines”
  5. And Tendance Coatsey, reviews the McDonnell position on is blog, which includes the quote, “The hysterics of many articles and comments made by those claiming to be on the left shown towards Keir Starmer is repulsive.”

And some more

  1. Jon Lansman tweets/forecasts the NEC result , Jon Lansman on the likely election result
  2. https://www.thesocialreview.co.uk/2020/07/12/starmerscepticism-an-unsentimental-approach/ , I say “Don’t believe your own propaganda; a letter to the Left to understand its recent history” This is an important piece of truth telling.
  3. https://www.thesocialreview.co.uk/2020/04/28/lansmans-dilemma/  I paraphrase/summarise as follows, Momentum changed the means to achieve Derer’s ends, by focusing on altering the party’s culture, rather than its constitution, to transform the Labour Party. Yet Lansman faces the same dilemma as did Derer: how to appeal to the mainstream of the party whilst looking to cohere a splintered left.

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    […] Party are probably too deep for these thoughts to take hold, or maybe not, some of the articles bookmarked here suggest some deeper thinking is going on. This blog article examines the inter left dialogue and […]

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