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Various things have brought me to reconsider, alternatives to Bitcoin’s proof of work and this points me at, because I know it. They are implementing a proof of stake based blockchain with a co-op based governance structure. Here are my notes …


  1., includes the join me button
  5. Proof of stake by wikipedia

One of my things is can this be used to distribute DNS, and I was pointed at this rchain app, Dappy. , which seems so much more than that, maybe its a whale-proof blog platform unlike steemit, and digg.
They have implemented a chat app, over zulip.
On proof of stake, there is a penalty to affirming an error block, what does this mean.
I need to work out how to help them prove a stake.
One of the vulnerabilities of bitcoin/blockchain is the governance model, and here is an illustration of bitcoin’s code history.

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