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Blog Value

I have been looking for a blog value calculator as a toy for this and the blog site. Here are my notes …
The plugin I found, and couldn’t get to work has gone, it was called “blog calculator. I found this, at Upbeat PR which calculates that my blog, in June was worth $4 revenue/month although it’s a bit restrictive in how one describes the target audience interest, and my June traffic rate was towards the bottom of my activity rate (for the quarter). It classifies the income opportunities separately from banner ads and my July numbers are significantly higher and more valuable for hosting agreed ads, such as product placement.
This article talks about the value opportunities including sale of the domain name. Not sure that’s so useful  It’s not as if I owned
Anyway Upbeat PR suggest I could make between $4 & $16 per month. So three times annual traffic revenue puts it at $144 or $576; don’t ring me!
An alternative way might be to attempt  to calculate the notional cost of the wiki. In 2019, I published 71 articles, let’s say the average effort is five hours and it’s often more than that, so 355 hours (44⅜ days), at £250/day, that’s just over £11,000, perhaps I should do less of it.
How can I calculate the inlist value? Not sure how to automate it, but I reckon it’s worth chuff all, although the search engines do drive traffic to the site, so it can’t be zero. I tried to do a google query excluding the self references, but it didn’t work. This article pointed me at Google webmaster tools, which I had forgotten about. In fact I had forgotton to create an entry for the new wiki address. Done!

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