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This site, moving home

I have finally moved this wordpress wiki into the domain from its historic site at; it’s now at ./wiki to be precise. Here’s how I did it. …

How to move a wordpress site from a sub domain to domain hosted folder name.

  1. Use cd ../oldwiki; find . | cpio -pvdum ../next/wiki to move the old instance to the new location
  2. Change the settings page
  3. Amend the redirects file, Redirect 301 /
  4. I examined and amended my version of header.php which had hardcoded locations to implement the button menu at the top of the page.
  5. I installed really simple sssl, to deal with the hardcoded images at http and reinstalled the header image, the former may have been overkill.
  6. I then wrote some SQL, which I ran against the blog posts table to replace the content enclosed old URLs. I used the SQL REPLACE function.

This was piss easy, why has it taken me so long?
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