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The Levellers

The Leveller’s and the mutinies. Curious as to whether there’s a battle to propose to Class Wargames, as a result of further thinking beyond my comments here.. It seems there was. Here are my notes.


  2., deals with the battles as they were

With respect to gaming the Battle of Burford, the Reds vs. Reds rules might be appropriate, with a small adjustment. The levellers get to stop a rout by the reading of their manifesto for instance. (I comment further on both the Battle and the potential gaming of it at “Class Wargames & the ECW“, elsewhere on this wiki.
From the libcom article, I find this, theĀ Agreement of the People drawn up by a committee of Levellers including John Lilburne which was to have been discussed at a meeting of the commonwealth armies at Newmarket in June 1647. In brief this is what they asked for:

  • Power to be vested in the people
  • One year Parliaments, elected by equal numbers of voters per seat. The right to vote for all men who worked independently for their living and all those who had fought for the Parliamentary cause
  • Recall of any or all of their MPs by their electors at any time
  • Abolition of the House of Lords
  • Democratic election of army officers
  • Complete religious toleration and the abolition of tithes and tolls
  • Justices to be elected; law courts to be local and proceedings to be in English [not French!]
  • Redistribution of seized land to the common people

I was pointed at John Rees’s The Leveller Revolution

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  2. Dave
    It seems Trotsky was interested and wrote about the ECW, the early embourgoisification of England and the failure of the Levellers. In my post, early English revolutionary spirit I examine the early development of democratic demands, not sure Trotsky was right on the inevitability of failure of Levellers.

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