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About Porteus, yanf Linux

It’s meant to be small and fast, but I want to run it as a virtual box guest. I have suspended this project, but here are my notes.
I installed it with no users and login as guest. So sudo is not available, I use su instead.
They have a unique package management solution, called ‘modules’. Here is their alleged tutorial.
You need a .xzm version of vbox additions, synchronous with the vbox manager version in use, placed in the modules folder; this thread on their forums refers to this. I can’ find a version 5 guest additions file but havn’t looked that hard.
I couldn’t find the install program, so am booting off  read-only cd which is immutable and so even /tmp is unchangeable and it fails to remember the screen size and anything between boots. There is a use for immutable boot images, but only if they do what you want.
This video refers to these problems and shows a way round this, but it’s dated 2012. I am not sure if it solves the need for a .xzm file.

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