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Using Pay Pal

Some friends have shown me some cute Pay Pal tools, including how to dun someone and how to advertise a payment point. Here are my notes …


  1. How do I request payments or send an invoice? – How do I create and send an invoice or payment request? by Paypal

  1. What is – PayPal.Me is a faster, easier way to get paid through PayPal. Just share your very own PayPal.Me link ( with others, and they can send you money for any reason. They don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone number, or even have the PayPal app. They can just tap on your link, go to your PayPal.Me, type in the amount, and send the money.

Money pools

  1. This looks quite cool, here’s the FAQ and here’s a video?

  1. I have two o/s questions
    1. Is the money ring-fenced, it looks like it is.
    2. Can the gifts be anonymous? One of the switches at creation is to allow anonymous donations, however, the ‘page’ is branded by the PayPal account inc. the account picture.
    3. Does the donor have to use paypal?

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