Bathroom Fan

I need to replace my bathroom extractor fan. It is a Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. Here are my notes … 
The key fact to record for me is that the thin brown lead from the mains goes to the inside connector slot.
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Make sure the fan exhaust tube fits in the building exhaust pipe before screwing it in place. The exhaust tube of this fan is just under 100 mm, that’s probably part of how it got the name.
Don’t screw it so tightly that the fan plate warps; it makes putting the venting plate on hard.
Vent-Axia (and others) have different models for window, wall or ceiling mounts.
Read the manual carefully about the overrun timer; or not! The third picture is the critical part of the manual for the timer tuning. It now comes with about 15 minutes of overrun.

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