Xmas Dinner

I did promise when I started blogging that I wouldn’t do food and recipes, but my life has changed and I am about to cook a xmas dinner, again, here are my notes so I wont have to look them up next year; mostly timings!. …
Peel and par-boil the spuds and parsnips

  1. Potatoes ( 45m after par-boiling them)
  2. Chicken (35 – 40m) + 10/5 for the gravy
  3. Carrots (30 – 40m, after par-boiling them)
  4. Parsnips (40m, after par boiling them
  5. Garlic (about 40m in tin foil)
  6. Pigs in Blankets (30m)
  7. Bacon (15 min each side)
  8. Onions (25/30m)


  1. Sprouts (5 mins)

Bread Sauce

  1. Bread Sauce (20m + 5m for the Bread)

Plan the roasting trays, I didn’t have enough. Maybe I need a another boiling pan?
Here’s some hints on gravy, I forgot to buy any this year!


Having got to know the oven, here’s my 2020 timings

  1. Spud 40 mins
  2. Chicken 35 mins
  3. Carrots 30 mins
  4. Onions 25 mis
  5. Bacon & Garlic (20 mins) {10/side for the Bacon}

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