Raspberry Pi and LVM

My NAS Box Fan has failed, I need to decide to repair or replace. One obvious answer is to use my “Pi” to serve out a pair of mirrored USB connected disks. How to do that on a PI? Here are my notes …

  1. A thread by me on the ‘Pi’ community forums, common wisdom is to use rsync but I’d prefer a synchronous solution; @swampdog mentions LVM.
  2. This thread at stack exchange talks about building an LVM solutions for booting a ‘Pi’.
  3. This thread at the ‘Pi’ community forums documents the installation runes, the package is called lvm2. i.e. sudo apt-get install lvm2
  4. Here’s an article on how to make a mirrored volume, most resources seem to be aimed at Red Hat, For more from Google, …
  5. Here is a how to which came to my attention because it talks about snapshots.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. N3200pro and SMB v1 |
    […] It would seem that LVM is available as part of Raspbian. I plan to continue this thread at “Raspberry Pi and LVM” on this […]
  2. Dave
    I added a link to an article that talks about snapshots

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