Trimming Youtube with arguments

I want to cut some speeches out of a Youtube Video of Conference, I missed the opportunity to do so for the GMB Congress Report, but I really need to do this for #lab19 . I added some comments on autoplay/lopping in May 2020. I wonder,¬†Does this work? Check overleaf to see …
Get the Embed code, add a ?start=xxx&end=xxx to the generated code, paste it into your host page, ta da!
If using an <iframe> tag, them the parameters are appended to the src parameter generated by youtube.
Here’s Simon Hannah at #lab19

And autolooping

I tried to make a video auto loop but couldn’t find the runes, maybe it’s a wordpress thing, although I tried to do it withhut the autoplay parameter.
It is recommended that one appends

?autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=${the youtube code of the video}?

to the src argument in the <iframe> tag.
Image Credit: Ian Collins flickr CC 2009 BY-ND

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Dave
    I added some comments on autoplay/lopping in May 2020. This post is now about YouTube embedded arguments, not just trimming.
  2. Memories of the Family |
    […] Eventually, I just repeated the slides, just the once, so they display in a single loop. I have documented my findings¬†on youtube embedding elsewhere on this […]

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