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Business process and workflow automation

My mind wanders to work-flow management and its meta languages and descriptions. Here are my notes.

Some searches

  1. G: Open Source Workflow Software
  2. G: business engineering process markup language
  3. G: business process markup language
  4. G: jira as a workflow tool


  1. A Technique and Markup Language for Business Process Automation
  2. Business Process Model and Notation
  3. Business Process Modeling Language (BPML), at Techopedia


  1. Top free premium open source workflow automation software, from PAT Research.
  2. This took me to Apache Taverna. Great name! It may be a bit abstracted from the services which do the work. It now seems to be deprecated! July 2021.
  3. I thus considered Jira, which may be too aligned with the SW Dev process and insufficiently customisable at the UI level, anyway that’s my experience, but Atlassian publish¬†Building an awseome Jira workflow


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  1. Dave
    Taverna seems to have gone away.

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