Hayes & Harlington 1983

Wikipedia’s article on the 1983 election asks for citations where the SDP/Liberal vote allowed Tories to win seats on a plurality. Interestingly their page on Hayes & Harlington shows this and although it’s a seat where an SDP defector tried to hold the seat, the Tory vote is virtually unchanged and yet they won it in 1983. Labour, where a “campaigning comrade” of mine, I grew up in the area, stood for Labour only got ~375 votes more than the incumbent SDP candidate. 
Here’s a table showing the results,

And here’s a chart,

The featured image is the EMI building in Hayes, the company’s gone now but it’s CC Peter Clare 2007 BY-SA

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  1. History, tragedy & farce – davelevy.info
    […] allowed the Conservatives to gain.” should be supported by evidence and I have examined the results of the Hayes & Harlington votes on an article on my wiki. It’s a seat where an SDP defector tried to hold the seat, the Tory vote […]

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