Settled Status

What exactly are the rights of EU citizens after Brexit? Here are my notes.
I start with some links, perhaps I’ll write a commentary soon.
Also Brexit deal explained: backstops, trade and citizens’ rights
and from the House of Commons Library
which states that,

Following the end of the transition period, the CJEU will have jurisdiction in a limited set of areas. This includes jurisdiction to give rulings relating to the WA citizens’ rights provisions for a further eight years.

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  1. Dave
    I amended this today, I added some tags, removed an EU link that had failed because the UK sub-site has been removed/renamed, and added a House of Commons URL on disputes about the withdrawal agreement together with the fact that CJEU has residual jurisdiction over EU citizen's rights in the UK. Sadly they can't go to Strasbourg for breaches of the CFR.

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