PHP, 1and1 and (most) of my webspace

I had to upgrade the PHP versions on my 1and1 domain systems. I am now on 7.2. I used the 1and1 control panel. Here are my other notes including the fact tha I have replaced the A-Z index plugin …
I had to change the A-Z index plugin, the new one is different, it has an alphabet index at the top so you can get where you want quite easily.
I need to test the other pages and pluginsĀ 🤔. It seems emoji+ is working. The tag cloud plugins broke, I have replaced them, tarted up the widgets menu and created a date archive page, and a subscribe to me page.
I have deleted two sub-domains and cancelled the 5,4 support contract.
I need to decommission the wordpress instances that I no longer use ello. & blog. , write .htaccess files , clear down the database and check that the database dump program still works.

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