Labour Conference 2018

Let’s see if I can make it three in a row, here’s my document repo, for #lab18, Labour Conference 18. 

Conference 2018 – reports and other documents

Here are the 2018 documents

  1. NPF Report 2018
  2. Delegates Report 2018
  3. NEC Annual Report 2018
  4. How Conference work, a guide to delegates, includes the CAC rules, i.e. the contemporary rule and the new consensus rule for composites.

Here are the CAC daily reports

  1.  Conference Arrangements Committee Report 1 which contains the NEC rule changes to implement the Democracy Review and Conference Arrangements Committee Report 1 Appendix, which contains the approved contemporary motions presented on Sunday 23rd
  2. Conference Arrangements Committee Report 2, presented on Monday 24th
  3. Conference Arrangements Committee Report 3, presented on Tuesday 25th, contains the final draft of the remaining rule amendments
  4. Conference Arrangements Committee Report 4, presented on Wednesday 26th

And here’s the leader’s speech

Here’s the link to my documents for Labour Conference 17.

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