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The UK in nations and regions

A map of the UK using the HTML5 Maps Plugin.

The Momentum slate for Labour’s National Policy Forum (2018)

This version documents the Momentum 2018 candidates for the NPF. via tool tips, a text version is on the linked momentum page.
[freehtml5map id=”1″]

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    […] Lewisham Deptford CLP has a General Committee tomorrow; it will be making nominations for the Labour Party’s national committee vacancies. I have advertised the names, here & here. […]
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    […] NPF candidates are here at Momentum in Red, and here on my wiki with a […]
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    […] for Labour’s NPF, Momentum’s version is published on their site and I have created an HTML 5 map on my wiki; this is partly because I have not installed the plugin on this […]

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