Route 53 (on AWS)

With the advent of lightsail, I am re-evaluating AWS and need to look at DNS. The Amazon service is called Route 53. I assume it would replace ddclient in my previous solutions design. Here are my notes.

  1. The Amazon Route 53 home page
  2. AWS Domains and Prices 22/2/2018
  3. A static web site with domain name at AWS, and how to upload the files. The second link is important, I have often asked myself how to do that and map files to buckets/objects.
  4. Getting Started by AWS, I have now worked through this.I used Hugo to develop a static files site and uploaded it to S3. It can be accessed at

I returned to this in the spring of 2021. I had played with linked tree and decided that it was a better rendering of what I wanted for this domain. I have a secondary use of which requires me to stay at amazon (does it really?) Anyway, I discovered that Amazon domains will not alias to 3rd party sites, although their sub-domains will. (Is this really what I want?) Anyway, notes from 2021.

  3. A thread on Amazon’s community site, opened by me on changing DNS records

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  1. My little mail server |
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  2. Dave
    I added to this today, is this really where I want it hosted; this was originally done to have a static dns name for my windows instance. The HUGO site is very hard to maintain, I need to add to the cost and complexity to support https and the idea of using my pi as a bittorrent seed is in abeyance. Really not sure.

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