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I have had to do an install of a couple of times now and decided to write a script which I have put on GitHub since I only ever return after I have forgotten everything I learnt last time. The repo is,


The plan is that the scripts can be used to install the product, with a simple git clone and bash command. It’s not yet ready as I ran into a problem with docker.


This is my test O/S of choice. Once done let’s see if the author will take it as user contributed code. This is now working.

$ sudo bash
# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
# apt-get install -y git
# git clone
# cd pumpiotools
# sudo bash ./

Now I need a configure program.


The install now works fine. There is an ifaws file to perform the aws specific functions. I still need a test so we can self discover if on the amazon services. I also couldn’t get the browser to work. The server was binding to the internal host name despite using an address parameter in the config file. I stoped and returned to the bare metal install (on virtual box).
These were useful,

  1., this was embarassing

I still have not fixed this, the jetty server is binding to the internal DNS address and thus cannot be browsed from the internet.


I wanted to install the database and application in the same container, mainly because I wanted to change as little as possible from what I know, but docker doesn’t like this. I am using mongod which recommend the use of systemd with Ubuntu. Docker, without some buggering around really prefers you to use two containers. So I plan to use AWS to test the script and then write a Docker variant which I will then place in dockerhub. The repo as at 6th June fails. I plan to finish the scripts aimed at either AWS images or virtual box VMs. I’ll then return to docker.
These links refer to the Docker issue.



I plan to write an ansible playbook for this. Why? Who knows? Here are some links I hope will help.



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