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I have been interested in trying to grow ginger for a while. I have consolidated my notes on the subject in this post.
I tried in 2016, in the allotment, having found this link, which suggests that it’ll work in the Uk: Ginger Part Deux, see Growing Ginger Root. It didn’t. Looks like I should take the advice below, and take note of its need for a shady location. They recommend spring or late winter planting.
And I wrote in 2014, that Ginger would be fun, but indoors or green house needed, again; advice is to buy root from specialist food shop. The guardian writes about it here.
See also my wiki article on gardening
I had another go in a window box in 2019. I found these videos.

I’d really like to try Ginger, but this suggests that both temperature and light will be a problem.

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  1. Dave
    Maybe try it in Grant & Pink's green house, the perennials in it will create the shade it needs.
  2. Dave
    Two more videos added as I have another go.

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