After Schrems vs Facebook

I am writing an article on Data Protection and cross border controls. These articles were interesting and/or useful.

  1. EC confirms EU-US Privacy Shield to replace Safe Harbour data-sharing agreement, from Computer Weekly, 2/2/2016
  2. Privacy Shield: Data Protection Commissioners break out a six-pack, from the Register
  3. <- from the Register by Andrew Orlowski, quoting Dr Ian Walden, QMC, who argues that US oversight of data [shortly] will be better than what [that which] some European member states can offer their own citizens.
  4. EU-US data protection agreement must exclude transfers of sensitive data in bulk, says watchdog, from Outlaw
  5. Laws to give EU citizens right of redress in the US over data handling move closer, from Outlaw
  6. Deal on EU-US Privacy Shield leads EU watchdogs to extend moratorium on data transfers enforcement action, from Outlaw
  7. Last gasp Safe Harbour “political deal” struck between Europe and US, from Ars Technica


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