Hotpoint Fridge Freezer HMB312AAI

Our fridge freezer is a Hotpoint HMB 312I or maybe an HMB312AAI. I need some spare parts. I no longer own this fridge and some of the links have gone away; I have replaced them with web archive copies. I hope this is useful to someone!
Here’s the Hotpoint support page, and here’s the Hotpoint Spares page.
Here’s their parts list for the HM 312AIFF., which seems to do the trick. The crisper bin is part C00145254.

(c) Dave Levy 2016 All rights reserved

(c) Dave Levy 2016 All rights reserved


Comment ( 1 )

  1. Dave
    The model plate and meta data, even the specific model type has been discovered. The page has been amended to reflect this new knowledge.

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