Linux Power Management

Been trying to get my latest Linux Laptop to behave nicely while on battery. It’s an Elementary Luna build. I came to the conclusion that there’s not much that can be done; it’s one of those things we leave to the OS authors, in this case Canonical.I ran a shell script test, it lasts for pretty much two hours dead, while running a script. (Not sure about the screen saver.) I should re-run the test while working.
Here are some links,

  1. , dated 2013, references TLP, which has its own site,
  2. – argues that U12.04 is as good as it gets.
  4. Before 12.04 there was powertop, named after top,, dated 2012, I think this is no longer optimal, and also and
  5. – the ububtu 12.04 man pages

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