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Unicode in Python

It’s a very long time since I have had to deal with binary code translations, but when dealing with HTML and JSON with Python, I need to get to grips with it. The € symbol for instance requires the extended character set support and rss should be written in utf-8. This page collects the notes I made in learning about Python’s support for unicode/ascii translations.
Here are the links,

  1., the documentation
  2., a bit easier to read.
  3. And docs in 2019,

See also

  2., might be useful if I could get it to wrk


Was HTMLParser/html unavailable 6 years ago? It seems to solve the problem of translating html codes into ascii, sing the unescape function. See displayHTML, which I got from stackoverflow.



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  1. JSON to XML | wiki . davelevy . info
    […] Unicode in Python […]
  2. Dheerendra
    It's not working for me. Komodo has a preblom with the quotes you used and the - symbol you used also when I fixed them it was giving me an errorThis one:Traceback (most recent call last): File C:\Users\Eoin\Documents\Python\EasyGUI\ , line 20, in harv = harv + har[i]['Result'] + + har[i]['FirstURL'] + \n\n'KeyError: Result'
  3. Dave
    I cam across HTMLParser module yesterday, this is a much neater solution, if it works on the ello code, which is what made me write the original piece. The title should be changed, but I may do that another day.

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