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My little mail server

What a pile of poo! I have access to four smtp servers and they all have limits on the distribution list size! (They are all about the same size of 100). Google will allow 2000 per list but only if you use one of their clients. Let’s try and bring up an SMTP server, connect it to DNS, and then send them myself. Sounds like a job for AWS.
I found the following links using google

  1., this is very simple, wonder if it does what I want?

In Feb ’18, I read up about Amazon & DNS.
I found this on mail & EC2.
And then I found this


I had been pointed at mailgun by one of the mastadon installs. It’s not so well reviewed well in the article above.
This describes how to use Mailgun as an smtp server for gmail and hotmail accounts.

I found some additional resources about mailgun.

  1.  Their pricing page, looking for the free one
  2. A how to get started at Rec & Rec+
  3. Jeff Reifmann on getting started too

A video, which I have not yet watched.

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  1. Dave
    I didn't get very far last time; time for another look.
  2. Dave
    More about Mailgun
  3. Raspberry Pi and messages |
    […] See my little mail server […]

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